Martial Arts Tournament


The AKC is a great event to test your skills in friendly competition. Whether you are a seasoned competitor or this is your first tournament, it is a spectacular event for the entire family.


The American Karate Championships (AKC) is a sport karate tournament sanctioned by the WKKA. The AKC Karate tournament has divisions in Forms, Self-Defense, Sparring, Weapons, Musical Forms, Board Breaking, Kenpo Forms, and Demo Team Competition.  AKC Medals are given out to 1st - 4th place winners. All competitors receive a participation medal!  Divisions are separated by age and experience level:


  • Beginner - White Belt, Yellow Belt, Orange Belt

  • Intermediate - Purple Belt, Blue Belt, Green Belt

  • Advanced - Brown Belt, Red Belt

  • Master - Black Belt



The American Karate Championship League (AKCL) is made up of three annual tournaments each year held in:


  • Baltimore, Maryland

  • Massapequa Park, Long Island , New York 

  • Windsor Locks, Connecticut


Division winners earn points at each tournament. The top point leaders for the entire season in each division will be honored at the end of the season with the AKCL Grand Champion Award.  Points will be awarded at each tournament as follows:


  • 1st Place - 100 points

  • 2nd Place – 80 points

  • 3rd Place – 60 points

  • 4th Place – 40 points


Grand Champion awards are given out in the following divisions: Forms, Self-Defense, Sparring, Weapons, Musical Forms, Board Breaking, Kenpo Forms, and Demo Team. In addition to division grand champion awards, there is also a grand champion award for the competitor that accumulates the most points throughout the entire season.


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