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All competitors must present themselves in a respectful manner, following all tournament  etiquette,  must be dressed in a clean, neat and full gi with a properly tied belt.   First to register - Last to compete: all competitors will  be given a number  when they register.   The competitor  with  the lowest number  will  go last. In sparring  the lowest numbers will get the byes according to the bye sheet.  Ties will be awarded  when there are 4 or less competitors  in the division.   In the event of tie with  4 or less competitors:  the high  scores will  be dropped  and scores totaled, if a tie still remains,  lowest scores will  be dropped  and scores totaled.   Beginner  division  will  be scored between 7 and 8, intermediate  between 8 and 9, advanced between 9 and 10.  Medals will be awarded  to those who place 1st through  4th.  When you finish all your events and if you have not placed in any division, you will be awarded a participation medal.   Musical Forms are for Black Belts only.  No one is allowed on the floor except judges and competitors.   No coaching will be permitted  during  the competition.   All decisions will be made by arbitrators and are final.   We reserve  the right to combine any divisions.  No refunds  will be issued for missed divisions.  Failure to comply will result in disqualification.




Competitors will be judged on the following: stances, intensity, power, focus, balance,  difficulty, and performance.   No form should exceed 3 minutes.




Safety gear is mandatory.  All competitors need headgear, gloves, boots, shinpads, mouthguard  and groin protector for boys. Chest protec- tors are optional.   Matches have a 2 minute  limit  and 3 points will win the match.  1 point will be awarded for each hand or kicking technique, by a majority of 3 judges.  Competitors must make contact to score, however, only light contact to legal target areas is permitted.   Face or below  the belt contact,  sweeps, takedowns,  or blind techniques  will not be permitted.   Competitors will be disqualified  for excessive contact or striking illegal target  areas.   First warning, competitor  receives verbal warning.   Second warning,  the competitor’s  opponent  receives 1 point.  Third warning,  the competitor  is disqualified.   Immediate disqualification for contact that draws blood.




Under-belts perform 3 self-defense techniques.   Black belts perform 5 self-defense techniques.   Techniques are to be judged on form (stances, execution of strikes, speed, balance, and proper body alignment),  intensity  (focus, power and kiai), and effectiveness (based on realism).  Competitors will need partners to perform their techniques on: competitors  5-8 years old, white through  green belts, can use assistant instructors, instructors, and older black belt students as partners; competitors 9 and up years old, white through  green belts, must use their peers as partners; all ages of brown and black belt competitors must use their peers as partners.




All competitors must use boards provided by the WKKA and American Black Belt Academy.  They are available for pre-order on the application,  as well as available  the day of the competition.   Under-belts are limited  to a total of  3 breaks and black belts are limited  to 5 breaks.  There is no limit  to the number of boards in each break.  Black belt competitors will have a 3 minute time limit  to set up their boards, bow in and complete their breaks.  Brown and Black Belts  will only have one chance at each break.   Competitors will be judged on the difficulty of each break  and the intensity, form, technique, stances, power, and performance.




The performance shall not exceed 5 minutes and teams are limited  to no more than 12 members.  Teams are put into divisions based on experience and age, at the discretion of the school owners from  each team.   Teams will  be scored on creativity,  entertainment  level, performance, choreography, form, stances, focus, intensity, power and difficulty.


MMA Point Sparring


Competitors must present him/herself in a clean Martial Arts uniform. All competitors must have the proper gloves, headgear, and shin/foot  pads to fight.  In the event a competitor is bloodied, the match will be stopped and depending on the circumstance the judge will determine  the outcome of the fight.  The match is broken  into three  parts: (1) point sparring,  (2) throws/takedowns, and (3) wrestling/submission grappling. Once the fight has entered part 2 or 3, no striking will be allowed.   


AGES 12 and UNDER:


Each match is two 1 minute rounds with a 30 second break  in between rounds.   In a clinch position,  competitors  have 10 seconds to execute a throw  or takedown  before  separated  by a judge.   When competitors  go to the mat they will  have 15 seconds to gain either full mount or back mount and hold it for 5 seconds. If achieved, the competitor will be awarded 5 points, after full  mount is achieved  both competitors are returned to standing position.   No submissions allowed.  


AGES 13 and  OLDER:


Each match is two 2 minute  rounds with a 1 minute  break in between rounds.   In a clinch position,  competitors  have 10 seconds to execute a throw  or takedown  before  separated  by a judge.   When competitors  go to the mat they will  have 30 seconds to submit their opponent. If achieved, the competitor will be awarded th match.  If no submittion is gained within the 30 seconds both competitors will be stood back up to their feet.  In the case of a draw, an additional  round will be fought.   At the end of the 3rd round,  if there  is still no winner the fight will be determined  by the judges.  Judges will be awarded points for crisp and clean techniques  to the body and controlled  techniques  to the headgear.   Face contact will  not be permitted. Excessive contact will result in one verbal warning  and after  that,  immediate  disqualification.   13 and older shootfights will be judged using a 10 point must system.   Striking, clinch control and ground control will determine the judges scores. Tap out submission is an automatic win in divisions 13 and older (submissions are not allowed in 12 and under divisions). 




The highlight  event is our non-competitive tiny tiger division.  One of the assistant instructors will accompany students into the ring and they will have the chance to do their form and have a sparring match.  All students will receive a perfect score of 10 and get an awesome medal for competing in the forms and sparring divison.  This is an event that all students should participate in.  It is phenomenal opportunity to do wonders for your child’s self-esteem and confidence.


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